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so this is the dress i’m wearing for the first day of school

we have to dress fancy because of student council

also it’s got a low scoop back

woopwoop it’s lacy and pretty

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  • Name: marina
  • Age:  seventeen
  • Height: five foot five
  • Relationship status: a lonely lover
  • Birthday: march twenty-seventh
  • Favorite color: red and blue and the color the two make
  • Favorite singer/band: mumford & sons 
  • Last song listened: love letter to japan - the bird and the bee
  • Favorite movie: fried green tomatoes/ferris bueller’s day off
  • Last movie watched: midnight in paris
  • Favorite book: a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith
  • Last book read: see above. (we’re reading it in our book club 8D)
  • # of siblings: just one sister, named tara. she’s very pretty.
  • # of pets: none right now, sadly.
  • Best school subject: english and social studies.
  • Mac or PC? PC, but i’d like to transition to mac.
  • Cell phone type: LG Keybo. To be upgraded to an iphone soon.
  • Current shirt color: dark blue
  • Gamer? only pokemon and mario kart.
  • Day or night? early morning.
  • Summer or winter? autumn
  • Most-visited website? tumblr
  • Celebrity crushes: tom hiddleston. tom hiddleston. tom hiddleston. 
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"Steve, I’m home!"

"….Steve? I thought we could watch Xena tonight!"

"C’mon Steve, you here?"

"…you aren’t still upset about the fact I used one of your drawing pads t—-"

"… and i will leave my shield on…"


"tony…" "i’m doing america a favour here steve."

"Can I get you guys anything? Condoms? Some snacks? …Oh, god love ya."

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have a gratuitous picture of my face.

have a gratuitous picture of my face.

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i’m so excited for fall

check out this sweater dress i got

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Things that are portrayed as weak and lame but in reality can probably beat the shit out of you and steal your lunch money then spend it on candy:

  • hufflepuffs
  • canadians

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Reblog with your desktop background, no cleaning






In which no one is surprised about Jim

raise your hand if you’re surprised

That is usually how my desktop looks after comic liveblogging.

No cleaning, huh? Very well.

i’d say i’m sorry but i’m not.

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aw yis

made myself a meal plan for the week

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man i was just thinking about the time i climbed near vertically out of a volcanic crater smothered in fog.

it was terrifying as hell i thought i was going to fall and die.