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we move in nautical miles - - about me!

Hello, I’m Marina and I’m a Hufflepuff (even though Pottermore tried to tell me otherwise) I’m Canadian, awesome, and one day I’ll have an apartment with a fire escape where I can hang out with Steve, the man in my life. Also I’ll try and help you with anything you ever need help with, I like hot drinks and reading music and being me :D




I’m Rina. I love tea, and you. =W=


i’m marina and i’m better than everyone else combined


Hi there! I’m Marina - I’m in my eighteenth year, and I hail from Alberta, Canada.

That’s Steve.

On this blog, you’ll probably find a lot of the following: pointless text posts, pictures of my face, and any of the following: 

Sometimes I write things, and you can find my AO3 here

If you want to see my face, you can check it out here, but it’s not all that impressive. 

I’m average, but I’m awesome. I worry too much and I love spicy foods. I’m a self proclaimed Hufflepuff, even if pottermore placed me in Gryffindor. 

also, YOU’RE RAD.

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