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Here’s a list of people I love dearly.

Figured it was time for a new one of these!

Ziggy : Bevin : Bex : Faye

Ziggy is indescribable. Seriously. Bex is the person I’ve known the longest. 
Bevin makes me want to cry. Faye is a mastermind with orgasm worthy art.   

Also my blog art belongs to Faye. 

Somer : Kelly : Lauren : Ryan : Stephanie : Caitlyn 

The Merlin fandom is the best fandom. You make me want to cry because we AREN’T CLOSER AND WE SHOULD FIX THAT.

Andrea : Mandy : Laura : Heathyr : Danika : Vanz : Soy-Soy : Richie 

Andrea's blog is # five on my most visited sites,  Mandy's art is breathtaking.
Laura is full of passionate opinions, and Heathyr just makes my life better.
Danika has lots of good things, Vanz has one of the best brains in the world.
Soyna had my back when no one else could, and Richie is the only boy on this list. 

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