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What's your heroic title?









Katie: The Unstoppable Archer

Christina, The Dragon Sorcerer.

Dani, The Terror’s Thief.

Castiel, The Celestial Whisper.

Liz, The Valorous Marksman. 

Raquel, The Blessed Sniper.

(since Liz was already done)

Elizabeth, The Apocalypse Animator

Lauren, The Inexhaustible Convict

Crap. you got me.

Marina, The Illusion Pirate.

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    The Apocalypse Summoner. Yes.
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    Kitana, The Abominable Summoner.
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    Jenna, the apocalypse brat. um
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    Leila, the Abominable Convict.
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    And then there’s me victoria, The Ill-fated Assassin. FRIGGIN ILL FATED I PROBABLY ASSASSINATED MY SELF -.-
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    I got either The Fallen Superhuman (real name) or Bishie Archer (screen name)
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    Madison the Internet Scientist and Artemis the Dragon Engineer FUCK YEAH
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    Viki, The Dwarven Acrobat.
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    ((Aryn the World Merchant. Imsorrywhat))
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    RJ, The Hell’s Archer. Alternatively, Rylie, The Valorous Sorcerer.
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    Breakdown, The spiritual captain(?)
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    dan, the swift follower also danny, the soul paladin
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    Alyssa, The Dragon Pirate (Dang…. Now I need art of a dragon pirate)
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    Kiryu, The Pragmatic Rich Kid.Oh.
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    Koji, The World Rage. This is surprisingly fitting for that old G.U. story I used to have.
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    ;2 I am Mango, The Altruistic Serpentkin. … ;3;
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    Goggles, The Death Engineer killin ya with my sound design yo B)
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    David, the Fiery Knight Is that a fucking Homestuck reference??? or, Ironclad-Oni, the Pragmatic Destoyer meh
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    Lorien, the mediocre rogue. HEY! >:[ llobrien13, The Dragon Cannibal. Uh… o.o”
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    Crayv, The Death Healer or Cray, The Unstoppable Oracle
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    Melanie, the Divine Ninja.Wat? But I’m clumsy as heck!
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    [real name], The Strong Imp Soot, The Fabulous Sorcerer
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    MaKayla, the Unstoppable Saint
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    Erin, The Swift Bard.
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    Avery, The Noble Whisper. Literally what the hell does this even mean
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    Darkspines, the Dwarven Table Waiter This makes me sad in so many ways
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    Alex, The Swift Captain. That is the most inaccurate thing i have ever heard but damn does it sound pretty cool
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    Matt, The Scientific Swordmaster. _Dry, The Ill-fated Gunner.
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    William, The Retarded Food-Seller. yes
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    Jim Fear, The Cold Captain. I can get behind that.
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    Noah, The Spiritual Summoner.